As I don’t have one favourite album of the month this month I thought I would mention three of my favourite albums of all time.

On February 10th 1971 she changed the world of music, in the early sixties black female soul singers made an enormous impact to music, however a decade later Carole King came and wrote the greatest female soul album ever and all 12 songs where exceptionally well written, performed and sung. Black, white, gay, straight, young and old, Carole shocked the lot. Her calm yet confidence approach to performing is what made her inspiring to so many, she was and still is an incredibly talented pianist and I am lucky enough to be able to witness her talent this July in no other than Hyde Park. At the ripe age of 74 she is doing her first gig in just under three decades and will for the first time perform the world renowned Tapestry back to back. Bring on 3rd July.

In 1976 Paul Weller changed Rock ‘N’ Roll history and burst out of England with new wave genre, ‘Punk-Rock’. At just 19 he and with the help of others created an era which lasted for years to come. Punk has never really been my thing, don’t get me wrong I can appreciate their greatest hits but delving into the discography’s of bands like The Jam, The Clash and The Sex Pistols etc, as Bob famously once said, it ain’t me babe. However, when Paul started his solo career in 1990 I saw a completely different side to this Surrey born and bred rocker. ‘Wildwood’ was released in ’93 and fuck me sideways that 16 track album is quite something. It shows his rock side with tunes like ‘Can you really heal us’ and ‘Holy Man’ but then shows his diversity and experience in music with the penultimate song on the album ‘Moon on your pyjamas’. Give it a listen if you haven’t already, it really is good stuff.

Well it was their debut album, and my my it is a real cracker. Released in 1972, ‘Cant Buy A Thrill’ is another personal favourite of mine. With songs like ‘Dirty Work’, ‘Do It Again’ and “Midnight Cruiser’ to name just a few it is your stereotypical 70’s album that is full of stunning guitar solos and incredibly well written songs that made a huge impact in music history. Once again if you haven’t heard it you’re missing out. Get. On. It. Immediately.

If the name Sharon Jones hasn’t flowed into your ears you are in for one hell of a treat. This woman is unbelievably talented and there is no reason to talk age because she may have been round for a couple of years but she doesn’t act a day over 20. She has merged with ‘The Dap Kings’ who spent a lot of their time performing with Amy Winehouse before she sadly passed, and together they have created an album which is nothing but soul and funk. This one ain’t free but it’ll cost you a mere tenner, and you wont be disappointed. In fact if anyone is free tomorrow night in London, She and the Dap Kings are playing at Shepards Bush Empire along with the Eagle of Soul Himself, Charles Bradley.

He’s pounced back with ‘Yasiin Gaye: The Return’ and my god is it good. And once again the man has put a download link up so for all you lovers of the first one you can now grab the second. Go ahead and download this now and let us know what you think.

Another band who have shot to fame over the past few months, With the release of there new album ‘Working Out’ earlier this year they seem to be the talk of the town. I’m going to share ‘Grand Union’ with you, which has some spectacular vocals, exquisite harmonies and is completed with subtle guitar riff undertones. Playing at various festivals throughout the summer I would definitely try and catch this band well they are still fresh off the shelf.

If I were you this is a band you want to keep an extremely close eye on because they are about to explode! Download link to their album here,

Ever thought would what happen if Marvin Gaye and Mos Def’s music was mixed together? Well look no further. This is one of the best mixtape’s I have heard in a hell of a long time. I’m gonna share a couple of tunes on the mixtape but i’ll also link the download because its beyond breathtaking. Enjoy this one…

This man raps with such flow its almost poetry. He’s only 20 years of age and is already throwing such talent into the Hip-Hop world. His style has been described as mellow and chilled nostalgic vibe, with strong influences from 90’s Hip Hop.

Over the past couple of years ‘Jay Prince’ has worked on a few projects. His most recent is ‘Mellow Vation’ which is quite something. I’m going to share a couple of tracks from this and the free download link to ‘Mellow Vation’. Give this young man a listen, it’ll be worth your time.

Mellow Vation Download Link – .