The Purple Passage is a brand new online musical hub striving forth to enlighten the masses on the greatest new music from around the globe. Whether it be sounds coming from a complete unknown indie/dance artist, a South American brass piece or bangers from the most well known artists of tomorrow, today and yesterday; The Purple Passage purposely survives and continuously strives to make sure that those following are plugging into the greatest music from London to Mississippi. One thing is promised to those pilgrims who follow The Purple Passage and that is that they will be educated, amazed and transformed into multi genre loving, hip hop busting, jazz funk grooving disciples of great music. With the hottest bands in town being reviewed weekly and the sweetest sounds around delivered straight to your screen there is no longer an excuse to be out of touch and out of love with the most powerful ingredient in life which keeps the world spinning and that is of course the overpowering strength of music. If you want to become part of the next revolution in music then your free guidance, mantra pack and guru is staring right at you; so come take a stroll down The Purple Passage and be prepared to be amazed.
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