No words needed.

Chicago based band released this song on their most recent album ‘Traphouse Rock’ a couple years back. It features the ever so talented ‘Chance the Rapper’. This is ‘Wasting Time’ by ‘Kids These Days’.

Originally from the North of England, Ady Suleiman is breaking through the blogosphere with his one of a king funk/soul/RnB vibe. Big fan of this man and I’m sure there is more to come! This is taken from his debut EP ‘This Is My EP’ and its called ‘Need Somebody to Love’.

States born and bred band ‘Dr.Dog’ have been pleasing the world with psychedelic rock for the past 14 years. With their most recent studio album ‘The Psychedelic Swamp’ I bring you ‘Bring My Baby Back’. Loving it at the moment, give it a listen here.

Blitzen Trapper have been spawning music since the early 2000’s. ‘Black River Killer’ was originally released on their 2008 album ‘Furr’ but was then rereleased on an EP under the songs name in mid 2009. It tells a story of a girl who was killed but whom is the murderer, some say its based on a killer who roamed the states years back, others say its based on the lead singers uncle who was in and out of prison during his life, and others believe its a story about an innocent man who was changed by his experience of wrongful imprisonment. But hey, believe what you like its a good song.

Stunning instrumental by the great House and Techno DJ ‘Jacques Renault’. Enjoy.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre (BJM) are a psychedelic rock band formed in the 90’s in San Francisco. This is taken from their album ‘Their Satanic Majesties’ Second Request’ (a mouthful of a band and album, I know!) and is called ‘Anemone’.

Melbourne based 10 man organisation ‘Sex On Toast’ who specialise in raw 80’s funk as of 2015 released this soul and swing vibed banger, ‘Oh Loretta!

This is taken from Matthew E Whites second album ‘Fresh Blood’, its called ‘Take care my baby’.

British born Ben Coyle-Larner better known as ‘Loyle Carner’ is the rapper who talks about the issues closest to his heart: family, and dealing with adulthood. He broke through the blogosphere with his EP  ‘A Little Late’ in September of 2014 which then led to him supporting the great ‘Joey Badass’ on his UK tour in 2015. Here I share two of his songs, ‘Ain’t Nothing Changed’ and ‘Tierney Terrace’, it will give you a real flavour for what the young 20 year old is all about.

British jazz-pop band ‘Touch and Go’ have been playing music for the best part of 20 years. However their song ‘Life’s a Beach’ still gets me going. Here it is.

Originating from LA ‘Jonathan Wilson’ has been swimming in the music production and playing world for the past 20 years. JW has dabbled with the great ‘Father John Misty’ by co-producing both his critically acclaimed albums ‘Fear Fun’ and ‘I Love You, Honeybear’ among many others. Here is a song of his taken from his album ‘Gentle Spirit’ in 2011, accompanied by a powerful video that he produced I leave you with ‘Desert Raven’.

Don’t get me wrong this is a throw back but what a bang bang John, Paul, Ringo and George came out with. Absolute rocket.

And they’ve returned! Arthur Beatrice have come steam rolling back with their newest feel good, electric, powerful, exceptionally well written song ‘Real Life’. Critics have said they’re the ones to watch over the next year and there are no surprises as to why. Put this one loud, its a real treat.

American 6 piece ‘Beirut’ have this absolute cracker of a tune, ‘Gibraltar’, taken from their fourth studio album ‘No No No’. This ones a keeper.

Natty shocked the world in 2008 with his top 20 album ‘Man Like I’ and he has reformed as ‘Natty and The Rebel Ship’ and released his album ‘Release the Fear’ – give it a listen, fantastic album. I was lucky enough to see them last week at The Islington Assembly Hall, review will be up in due course. Here’s the first track on the album ‘I’m Alive’.

Formed in the late 90’s in Kentucky, ‘My Morning Jacket’ burst out the scene and since then have released 7 albums with their 8th coming later on in 2016. Here is a song taken from their album ‘The Waterfall’ in May last year. This is the last track on the album, and my my is it a good’un. Enjoy.

The former lead singer of ‘Tribes’ is another extremely talented individual who has decided to go down the solo route. He has just released a single from his debut EP ‘Pilgrims’.

London Duo ‘Gospel’ have released their debut signal ‘Disasters Running Wild’. With echoing vocals and a beat which sends shudders up and down your spine. It starts so subtle, almost illusive and it then transpires into and ending which is strong and commanding. I present, ‘Disasters Runnign Wild’.

Jay Prince is a London rapper to keep an extremely close eye on. And with this weather we got going in the capital at the moment there ain’t a better tune to listen then his ‘Summer Breeze’.

Vic Mensa’ most recent single is something a little different. He’s gone for a house beat which adds a dance effect to his music, I’m not sure im totally keen on this because with his previous stuff I found myself completely focused on the lyrics where as its slightly different with ‘Down On My Luck’. But lets see whats to come in the next year for Vic Mensa, he’s definitely still a man who your attention should be drawn too.

The man of 2014 has bounced back from his mixing hole with ‘Travellin’ Man Pt.II’. He be Amerigo Gazaway and he’s done want no man dared to do before, mix Marvin with Mos to create the one and only ‘Yasiin Gaye’.If you haven’t listened to the first mixtape then rest your hard working bodies and give it a listen. But its now time for Pt.II and one could not be happier.

With his exceptional vocals Jack Garratt manages to make a huge impact with his song ‘Water’. The downtempo electro back beat then strikes and the real talent is shown. Not only does the man have a serious set of pipes but his strength is also in the production side. Here’s ‘Water’.

Some say he’s the talk of the town. I present to you the talented ‘Nick Mulvey’ who seems to be just around every corner. With the release of his debut album ‘First Mind’ on 12th May he can now sit back and take in what the man deserves, hes made nothing but a 12 track masterpiece. I advise you all to get it, someone gave me a tip off to buy the album and thank christ I did. Here’s my favourite off the album, ‘Juramidam’, unfortunately its only a teaser but that just means you gonna have to purchase the album!

Formed in the mid ’90s ‘Little Dragon’ are a electro band from Sweden. This is their second single from their forthcoming album ‘Nabuma Rubberband’ which was release on 13th May of this year, this song is called Paris (apologies for zane being a prick at the start and finish…).

MC Pinty is a new man to hit the Grime and UK hip hop scene. As seen in King Krule’s video for his record ‘Easy Easy’ he has now released this tune from his forthcoming EP ‘This Just Life, Is Alright’. Keep a note of this guy, there’ll be plenty more to come.

London trio ‘JUICE’ have recently come onto the scene with their great harmony’s and funk 80’s back beats. They have a real fresh feel to them and with their twist of vocals and funk guitar they will leave with you with nothing but a smile. Here is ‘Call You Out’.

John Buter Trio has just released his first album in 4 years. I have been an avid fan of theirs for many years now but have never had the opportunity to see them live. With John himself being an unbelievably talented guitarist (check out a song by them called ‘Ocean’, a 12 min guitar solo) I can imagine its nothing but spectacular. With the release of his new album his says it is to be more ‘Human’ then his last which at points was ‘aggressive and bodacious’. I’m a sharing a song from their new album ‘Flesh and Blood’, its called ‘Only One’.

Son Little who was formally Aaron Livingston is the future of blues and soul. The smokey guitar is led by Son’s strong vocals, features of his voice remind me of a young Bobby Womack or Stevie Wonder. That pure voice full of soul and passion which was meant for one thing only, to be on stage. I’m going to share a song with you called ‘Cross My Heart’. Keep an eye out for Son in 2014, its his year.

Happy birthday to this ever so talented man. At the ripe age of 64 he has still got his incredible talent and I’m one of the lucky ones who will experience it first hand this summer


Here you’ll find the finest electronica with amazing vocals from lead singers Roxanne and Sam Paul Evans. When both these creative minds come together bands like ‘The Hics’ are formed. A London based group who have been producing music for just 3 years, From dropping one of the finest EP’s of 2013 The Hic’s are now back with new material, ‘All We’ll Know’. They’re playing a gig at XOYO on the 24th June, click on this link to grab one now!

D/C has burst into the music scene with his song ‘Devil On My Shoulder’. With its mystical guitar riffs and classical elements taken from D/C’s musical background it is no surprise it is getting a lot of recognition. He is being compared with the likes off James Blake and Alex Clare which once again don’t surprise me. Take a listen to this and be sure to purchase this mans EP which was released back in March of this year.

One knows little about ‘White Royal’ but I guess some artists like to keep it that way, for now anyway. With a calm and collective electro back beat and talented vocals there is not much more to know. This is one is called ‘False Widow’.

‘Nimmo And The Gauntletts’ are made up of childhood friends Sarah Nimmo and Reva Gauntlett. They have already been noticed by various radio stations and Magazines ‘Nimmo Ant The Gauntletts’ have just released their third single ‘Jaded’. They are now getting the recognition they need, find Jaded below.

Hailing from Falmouth, The White Bicycles have just released their debut self titled EP ‘Dust’. The have a very unique genre to them, some say its Dream pop but I have yet to put a finger on its exact vibe. Here is their song ‘Dust’.

‘Menage a Trois’ are an electro trio who will shock you with their incredible music and fantastic videos. They are quite simply the best thing I’ve heard all week and they’re the only thing getting me through today. Enjoy this one and if your lucky enough to catch them live then you’re extremely fortunate! Here’s their new song ‘White Noise’.

Here is a fantastic band to come bursting out of sheffield at such a young age. They have unbelievable talent and with there soft rock, indie wave vibes I can see amazing things happen to these young lads. With the release of their forthcoming EP ‘Sun City’ which is being released on 7th April 2014 with ‘Plastic Fish Records’ come two amazing songs which I’m going to share. The first is called ‘You’ which is a nice, easy name which roles simply off the tongue, the other is… well, here goes, ‘Poa Kichizi Kama Ndizi ‘. Don’t ask, just listen.


‘Tenterhook’ is a young, enthusiastic and extremely talented singer/songwriter from London, England. ‘Archie Faulks’ AKA ‘Tenterhook’ has released his debut song called ‘Stereo’. He has burst out of 2013 with this new project and is definitely one to keep an eye on this following year. 

DeJa Vu I hear a couple of you say, well you’re not wrong. In September 2012 I fell head over heels with a singer/songwriter who goes by the name of ‘Lucy Rose’ and since then I haven’t found a new female vocalist that I can rave and rant about to anyone I like as I know their feeling would be mutual.

But things have now changed, I stumbled across this lovely track called ‘Smokestacks’ and it is by an adorable London based singer called ‘LAYLA’. Her vocals send shivers down my spine and with the accompaniment of her talented backing singers it is nothing but a work of outstanding artistry. She is to release an EP on the 28th April, ‘Black Mud’ and I advise you all to get it.

Ladies and Gents I present ‘Smokestacks’.

Many of you will know ‘Chet Faker’ for his cover of ‘Blackstreet – No Diggity’. Here is his most recent single called ‘Talk is Cheap’. Its the first single from Chets debut album which will be released in April.

This man raps with such flow its almost poetry. He’s only 20 years of age and is already throwing such talent into the Hip-Hop world. His style has been described as mellow and chilled nostalgic vibe, with strong influences from 90’s Hip Hop.

Over the past couple of years ‘Jay Prince’ has worked on a few projects. His most recent is ‘Mellow Vation’ which is quite something. I’m going to share a couple of tracks from this and the free download link to ‘Mellow Vation’. Give this young man a listen, it’ll be worth your time.

Mellow Vation Download Link – .

With the release of his new EP ‘Phantoms’ at the beginning of March and he has also been touring with the ever so talented ‘London Grammar’ since February, you could say the start of 2014 has been exceptional for Khushi! 

His most recent EP was released on the fantastic British based record label ‘Laissez Faire Club’. It’s available on 10” vinyl here –

Really nice song from the up and coming ‘Fé’. A duo from London England, this ones called ’50/50′.